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Mobile Biodiesel Processors

Introducing Mobile Biodiesel Processors, portable biofuel refineries that can process thousands of gallons of premium biodiesel each day. These units have many distinct properties that set them apart. The most unique factor being that our refineries are mobile. This mobility has numerous advantages. Being that they are self contained and turnkey they arrive ready to produce fuel with no assembly required. With the optional diesel generator they can operate anywhere, even off grid. They are located in an enclosed trailer thus mitigating any fire risk, keeping smells and spills contained and can be relocated with ease. They are industrial grade machines constructed to operate around the clock producing a “drop in” replacement fuel anywhere in the world.  PRODUCT VIDEO


The MBT-508i is our most compact mobile unit, able to produce 250 gallons of biodiesel in a single day. This model is ideal for organizations looking to augment their fuel supply, or for small refinement operations with a limited feedstock source.

Dimensions 5′ X 8′
Capacity 250 gallons per day


The MBT-610i is our most popular unit, able to produce 500 gallons of biodiesel per day. By adding a second mixing tank and utilizing a proprietary staggered batch process, the MBT-610i has twice the output of it’s smaller counterpart, with only a minor increase in overall dimensions.

Dimensions 6′ X 10′
Capacity 500 gallons per day


Our largest unit, the MBT-716i, has twice the tank capacity and output of the MBT-610i. Utilizing a proprietary staggered batch architecture, you can have up to 4 batches operating at once. This model is ideal for larger operations with access to a substantial amount of feedstock.

Dimensions 7′ X 16′
Capacity 1000 gallons per day

Custom Mobile Units

Those of us in the biodiesel world know that no two biodiesel operations are the same. Due to the vast array of feedstock options, processing techniques, available resources, climate differences and production requirements, we offer individual consulting in order to customize a mobile unit which meets all of your needs. Our custom solutions have included integrated seed presses, pre-treatment processes, custom cooling and heating elements, various fuel washing methods and even a purely educational model for a university.

Biodiesel Stand Alone Skids

We can custom build any size biodiesel esterfication skid to meet your specs.

Our latest bid is for custom palm oil refinement

Multi feedstock biodiesel tranesertification reactor 5000 gallon per day production / 250 gallon per hour unit / 400 amps 460 volt 3 phase. consists of 700 gallon pre heater that also serves as a de hydrator if needed to dry feedstock, a 660 gallon reactor, IKA mixer, coreolis flow meters, chemical injection pumps, methanol recovery, cooling tower, 900 gallon holding tank, 1800 gallon glycerin separation unit, ion exchange with Purolite all PLC controlled. The only manual vales to be turned are at the beginning of operation and at shut down of the unit all other functions are controlled by the PLC. The IKA high shear mixer greatly reduces the chemicals needed and make for a much smoother reaction units are turnkey. Each unit will be tested and have made 1000 gallons of ASTM D6751 fuel before shipping.

Here are some photos of a smaller custom unit built and delivered to MS.


Mobile Classroom

WVO Collection Trailers

600 Gal WVO Collection Trailer

We manufacture Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) collection trailers and filtering equipment, with various solutions available to fit your specific operation.

Speak to one of our team members today to find out how we can assist you with your WVO collection and cleaning needs!

This is our latest dewatering system for converting waste vegetable oil into premium biodiesel.  It is a custom heated dewatering and filtration system, which heats, screens, cleans, and filters WVO and uses recycled glycerin (from the previous biodiesel batch) as a media to pull suspended MIU. This tank heats and pushes the oil through a 100 micron bag filter and down the line, filling the reaction tank with this unit you are guaranteed to make premium biodiesel from even very dirty wet oil.


Scaling Out

With several individual units operating in tandem, you can set up a operation that exceeds the capacity of a single unit, while still maintaining the mobile aspect. Large-scale farming operations with revolving or nomadic harvests can benefit from transporting their refinement operation to the source of the feedstock.

biofuel refinery biodiesel refinery mobile biodiesel refinery

MBT716i Complete Mobile Biodiesel Refinery

here is a VIDEO:  Scalable Biodiesel refinery Barge