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Biodiesel Stand Alone Skids

We can custom build any size biodiesel esterfication skid to meet your specs.

This one below was in the news papers and there was a ribbon cutting.  John Mark is pictured training the team and the unit is performing perfectly and is producing super premium ASTM grade fuel.  He drove the delivery truck all the way across the country on straight  B100 biodiesel made with this unit;  smelling like french fries the entire way !


Our latest bid is for custom palm oil refinement

Multi feedstock biodiesel tranesertification reactor 5000 gallon per day production / 250 gallon per hour unit / 400 amps 460 volt 3 phase. consists of 700 gallon pre heater that also serves as a de hydrator if needed to dry feedstock, a 660 gallon reactor, IKA mixer, coreolis flow meters, chemical injection pumps, methanol recovery, cooling tower, 900 gallon holding tank, 1800 gallon glycerin separation unit, ion exchange with Purolite all PLC controlled. The only manual vales to be turned are at the beginning of operation and at shut down of the unit all other functions are controlled by the PLC. The IKA high shear mixer greatly reduces the chemicals needed and make for a much smoother reaction units are turnkey. Each unit will be tested and have made 1000 gallons of ASTM D6751 fuel before shipping.

Here are some photos of a smaller custom unit built and delivered to MS.





Custom Trailer

Here is a custom trailer built for a client in MD

biodiesel refinery for algae

biodiesel refinery jatropha

mobile biodiesel trailer inside


mobile biodiesel trailer insidemobile biodiesel trailer inside