Calculate your ROI in an MBT Mobile Biodiesel Processor
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Feedstock Waste Veg. Oil Algae Oil Soy Oil Palm Oil Jatopha Oil
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Cost per
Feedstock Cost Gallon
Labor Hour
Rent/overhead Month
Methanol Gallon
Catalyst Kg
Electricity kWh
Sulfuric Acid Liter
Dry-Wash Medium Pound
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Cost Per Gallon
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We’re crazy about biodiesel. Our organization is dedicated to promoting the worldwide use of biodiesel. We have personally have driven over 300,000 miles on biodiesel. MBT manufactures and distributes Mobile Biodiesel Processors, portable biofuel refineries that can process thousands of gallons of premium biodiesel each day. These units have many distinct properties that set them apart, the most unique factor being that our refineries are mobile. Mobility offers numerous advantages. We are a green biofuel company, building “field to fuel” mobile biodiesel processors. Mobile BioFuel Technologies has a mobile refinery that takes any feedstock from soybeans to algae, to animal fat and used cooking grease and turns it into super clean burning premium grade biodiesel. As petroleum diesel looks to be tracking toward $5.00 a gallon we are building a solution, a light industrial mobile refinery. Each model has all stainless steel tanks and plumbing, integrated methanol recovery, proprietary overlap batch process flow, and a new drywash system. The construction, the fluid dynamics, motors, pumps, the batch speed, tank design, safety, and fire suppression are all best in breed, and all mounted in a spill proof vented mobile platform. We have engineered our entire system making them the safest, most user-friendly processors available today. MBT committed to environmental stewardship. By engineering the world’s most innovative and highest quality mobile biofuel equipment we promote freedom and sovereignty throughout the world while encouraging mankind to respect and sustain our planet.


Mobile Biofuel Technologies (MBT) is a forward thinking organzation dedicated to reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and encouraging environmental stewardship.  Mobile BioFuel Technologies Inc. (MBT) has created an exciting new cutting edge product. MBT is unveiling the world’s first and only industrial grade Mobile Biodiesel Refinery. The mission of MBT Inc. is to manufacture and distribute these Mobile Biodiesel Trailers as well as other biofuel processing equipment to farms, cities, schools and businesses the world over. We first introduced mobile biodiesel refineries in 2008. Early into the introduction phase we made the difficult decision to stop production and return to the drawing board. The motivation to reengineer our mobile processors was twofold. First, we immediately realized that we had discovered a profound niche in the biodiesel refining market that offered enormous global potential. This brought us to the conclusion that it was in the best interest of MBT to create a safer, more user-friendly machine capable of producing larger quantities of fuel. Second, understanding that knock-offs and imitations would be entering this untapped market, we decided to invest heavily into researching and developing the latest technologies and incorporating industrial quality components and construction throughout our top of the line Mobile Refineries. What we have created simply has no peers. These units can produce vast amounts of premium biodiesel with very little labor and are engineered to handle even the heaviest of production demands.Recognizing the urgent demand and need for just such technology we are now offing these extraordinary machines to the world market.