Calculate your ROI in an MBT Mobile Biodiesel Processor
Unit MBT 508 MBT 610 MBT 716
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Feedstock Waste Veg. Oil Algae Oil Soy Oil Palm Oil Jatopha Oil
Variable Unit Cost per
Units per
Cost per
Cost per
Feedstock Cost Gallon
Labor Hour
Rent/overhead Month
Methanol Gallon
Catalyst Kg
Electricity kWh
Sulfuric Acid Liter
Dry-Wash Medium Pound
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($1 per gallon)
Cost Per Batch
Cost Per Gallon
Retail Diesel Price
Retail Value of Batch
Savings/Profit per Gallon
Savings/Profit per Batch
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Verde Biotrailers Joins Forces with Mobile Biofuel Technologies

A Sales, Strategy, Technology and Organisational Alignment:
Our new mobile biodiesel refinery™ can take nearly any green oil or clean WVO feedstock and refine it into super clean burning premium grade biofuel diesel;  ”biodiesel”. As petroleum diesel tracks toward world record levels we have designed and built beautiful alternative fuel solution,  a light industrial mobile biodiesel refinery™ producing up to 1000 gallons of biodiesel in 24 hours, ready for international launch on the global stage

Mobile BioFuel Technologies,  mobile biofuel refineriestm have all stainless steel tanks and plumbing, integrated methanol recovery, proprietary overlap batch process flow, and a new cellulose / ion exchange drywash system.  The construction, the fluid dynamics, motors, pumps, the batch speed, tank design, safety, and fire suppression are all best in breed, and all mounted in a spill proof vented mobile platform.  We have engineered the entire system making them the safest, most user-friendly processors available today.